Soil consolidation      
  Yield Surface      
  Interface between soil and wall      
  Freeform Section      
  Contour Marking      
  Terrain Mesh      
  Moving Load      
  Shear moment displacement      
  Frame Buckling      
  Frame Contour      
  Property help      
  Vertical curve plot      
Basic user interface
    Grid 3-D cursor system           Overall procedure of linear analysis      
    View transformation and control           Nonlinear analysis      
    Aerial view           Dynamic response history      
    Zoom Pan           Dynamic response spectrum      
    Methods of model rendering           Yield surface      
    Creation and modification curves                    
    Creation and modification of primitive surfaces      
Frame analysis
    Constrained line drawing           Handling diagram value caption      
    Data assignment           Freeform Section      

Property Assign

  Moving Load      
    Load assign           Shear moment displacement      
    Load Help           Truss analysis      
    Line compatibility           Interactive real time analysis      
    Line thickness      
  3-D frame analysis      
    Local coordinate axis      
  Influence line      
    Partial Hidden           Frame Contour      
                  Frame Buckling      
Mesh generation
Extended analysis
    Terrain Mesh           Soil consolidation      
    Automatic mesh generation on planes      
  Interface between soil and wall      
    Automatic mesh generation on surface primitives           Modeling with multiple loading cases      
    Automatic mesh generation in 3-D volume           Modeling reinforcement by embedded bars      
    2-D and 3-D structured mesh generation      
  Unconfined seepage analysis      
    Mesh on region boundary           Sequentially staged analysis      
    Quad mesh by paving algorithm                    
Heat and seepage
    Contour Marking           Transient heat      
    Principal Direction           2D heat-structure coupled analysis
    Contouring and model slicing      
  3D heat-structure coupled analysis

Contouring on parallel planes and others

  2D seepage-structure coupled analysis
    Section plot      
  Slope stablity analysis
    Rendering and animation of deformed shape                    
    Representation of vector data                    
    Yield Surface      
CBT (Computer based trainning of FEM)
  Computation of element stiffness (frame)      
  Shape function(c1)      
  Computation of element stiffness (continnum)      
  Eigen value and displacement modes      
  Concept of global equation assembly      
  Eigen value and zero energy modes      
  Method of assembly and solution      
  Visualized eigen modes a 3D solid      
  Matrix decomposition and back substitution      
  Stress recovery and smoothing      
  Shape function(c0)      
  Concept of adaptive mesh generation      
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